Thursday, August 13, 2015

Backup of Riverbed Steelhead devices with SSH

It is possible to send commands through SSH, and with this, it is pretty easy to set up configuration backup of the Riverbed Steelhead devices.

ssh admin\@<IP or hostname> < <file with commands to run>
ssh admin\@ < commands.txt

To save the output to file:
ssh admin\@<IP or hostname> < <file with commands to run> > <output file>
ssh admin\@ < commands.txt > config.conf

To get the configuration, write the following in the "commands.txt" file:
show configuration running

You can also do "show configuration full" to get default values in the configuration in addition to the configuration that has been added.

Other useful stuff you can add in the "commands.txt" file:
write mem - saves the configuration
show info - shows status, update, temperature, version etc
show version - shows serial, version, model, uptime, memory, CPU etc

The SSH commands will ask you for password. You can easily add an RSA key to the device so you do not need to type the password manually.

First you need to generate RSA keys, and then insert the public key into the Riverbed device by typing: 
ssh client user admin authorized-key key sshv2 "ssh-rsa your public key"

To connect with SSH with your RSA keys, use this command:
ssh -T -i private.key admin\@ < commands.txt > config.conf

The "-T" option is not needed, but it solved a console error message I had.

If you do not know how to create the RSA keys, I have written it in a previous post:

I also want to mention this guy for getting me on track :) He has written this with more detailed explanation than me:
Scripting the riverbed steelhead

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