Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Accessing your GNS3 network from your physical network

To access your GNS3 virtual network from your physical network, you can use the "Cloud" endpoint device in GNS3, plus a secondary network adapter on your computer.

Connect your secondary network adapter to your network (I'm using an USB adapter), and configure a static IP address and subnet mask on this network adapter (do not configure a default gateway).

When you connect the "Cloud" endpoint device to your GNS3 network, you will be able to reach the virtual environment from your own computer. Make sure to select the secondary network adapter when connecting the "Cloud" to your virtual network.

If you have a DHCP server on your pysical network, the GNS3 devices can utilize that.

PS: If you only need access from your virtual environment towards your physical network (or Internet), you can just use the "NAT" endpoint device instead. It has a built in DHCP server.

GNS3 version: 2.2.5